Selected Open Source Projects


Other Fun/Useful Projects

  • ambientMIDI: Render a song from a MIDI file using environmental sound events.

  • check-audio-playing: cron script for that displays reminders to listen to music while working if you aren't. Recommended for fellow scatterbrains!

  • toggle-keyboard: script for disabling keyboard so you can prevent your keyboard from keysmashing when you need to put a book on your laptop or when your cat wants a turn.

  • MarkovMixer: Real-time Markov chain mashup program, with transition probabilites based on cross-correlation similarity. Made as a starter template for EE 126 class projects.

  • fortissimo: Simple programming language for music composition, implemented in Python and with Overtone as the synthesis backend.

  • PandaPhone: Ambient generative instrument using a Leap Motion controller and Max MSP. Hand gestures modify note and velocity transition probabilities learned from MIDI data.

  • Augmented reality digital audio workstation: Hackathon proof-of-concept for synthesizers controlled by augmented reality knobs.